Outsource treasury operationsOver the past ten years ETOS has worked with a growing number of Australasian private and publicly listed companies, government-owned corporations and local councils to deliver an independent, out-sourced Treasury Operations solution.

Here are some of the key reasons why more businesses are starting to look at outsourcing as a way of becoming more compliant, agile and cost-efficient.

Four key reasons to outsource treasury operations

1. Expertise

Our Middle and Back office team members are experts when it comes to shouldering the day-to-day admin burden of Treasury operations because it’s all they do.  This specialist focus allows CFO’s and treasury staff more time to concentrate on risk management and strategic decision making.

2. Upgrade painlessly

One of the clear advantages offered by an out-sourced solution is the ability to ‘plug in and play’.  ETOS provides pre-existing infrastructure and systems that allow clients to quickly deliver best practice results without the investment and delay involved in building an equivalent resource within their own business.

3. Reduce operating costs

Unlike salaried staff, ETOS is flexible enough to gear up or down in response to particular business needs.  A fixed monthly fee is set to reflect actual business demand — so clients only pay for the service they need, when they need it.

4. Segregate duties & reduce key man risk

ETOS provides a controlled environment that guarantees appropriate segregation of duties and reduces clients’ exposure to staff error or mismanagement.  By holding day-to-day treasury knowledge within ETOS, companies can also ensure that all is not lost when key people are temporarily or permanently absent.


What is treasury operations out-sourcing?

Outsourcing treasury operations is simply using an external agency to provide the middle and back office functions traditionally held within the business.  End-to-end operational support includes settlements and electronic payments, confirmation matching, cash management, hedge accounting, Treasury board reporting and compliance.  These services all fit within ETOS’ core competency.   ETOS’ daily contact with the financial community on both sides of the Tasman keeps their clients ahead of a changing market.

The benefits to outsource treasury operations:
  • Independent expertise
  • Keeping companies up to date with new technology and regulations
  • Provision of pre-existing infrastructure and systems
  • Supplying a controlled treasury environment that ensures segregation of duties, adherence to company policies and mitigation of key man risk
  • Supporting business continuity

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“Our relationship with ETOS gives us increased segregation of duties between our Front, Middle and Back Office and brings a welcome layer of independent review to our operations.  We value the ETOS product knowledge, efficiency, high degree of accuracy, timeliness and ever-personable service.  ETOS is generally more familiar with our own Treasury and banking systems than we are.”
Mark Gold Group Treasurer, Insurance Australia Group (IAG)