Back Office Operations

Appropriate segregation of duties and continuity of control

ETOS has the critical mass to ensure complete segregation of duties to protect your business from exposure to financial errors and mismanagement. It is important that the person entering into a transaction is not the same person to check bank confirmations or match the deal to company policy. By using ETOS, your company is guaranteed that robust controls are in place at all times.

To give you additional peace of mind, ETOS is independently audited every year by Deloittes to ensure that our processes meet or exceed market best practice.

Eliminate key man risk. Having ETOS on your team ensures continuity of control, keeping day-to-day treasury knowledge safely within the business. This minimises disruption when key staff are sick or move on.

At work 52 weeks a year. Our middle and back office treasury teams operate all year round so you can forget about covering holidays and sick days.

Reduce operating costs. Unlike your salaried staff, our expert middle and back office teams can gear up or down according to your needs. ETOS offers a fixed monthly fee structured to reflect actual business demand. So you only pay for the service you need.

Find out how you can improve operational efficiencies and manage risk in your business


“Engaging ETOS as Investa’s back office treasury support has afforded us increased controls and segregation of duties in a best practice controlled framework with confidence, and we see ETOS as an integral part of the Investa Group Treasury function and future strategy. ETOS’ support enables treasury to focus on the growth of our business, increase flexibility and provides the board confidence in the day to day risk management of the company’s treasury commitments.”

Michael Kang, Assistant Treasurer, Investa Group Ltd